Know Your Customer

Automating your biggest risk and compliance challenges.

Kyckr solutions help to improve your business customer onboarding experience, reduce cost and automate your ongoing Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. We simplify access to global corporate and associated person data and use lawful primary sources only - meaning your onboarding and corporate KYC is referenced in the most "accurate and current" source available.

Using out-of-date, incorrect, or third party information impacts not only your customer experience but the overall integrity of your compliance processes. And when key risk factors such as capital structure, shareholders and beneficial ownership change, it's important to know when and where they occour.

How We Help

Faster Customer Onboarding

Our quick and seamless data capture technology validates at the source, ensuring your customer data is correct, meets legal requirements and improves internal processing. Manual KYC processes are inefficient and experience poor customer service, drop off and a loss of revenue. Improve your customer experience through automated, real-time onboarding and get to faster revenue generation.

Adapt Compliance Best Practice to Competitive Advantage

Adapt compliance best practice as Kyckr's primary source approach allows you to futureproof your KYC processes. Intelligent use of automation, risk rules and monitoring allow corporate and associated person data to self-update, taking the challenges out of information currency.

Improve Process Efficiency & Effectiveness

Better quality data that's legally reliable and continually updated helps your KYC processes, minimising the cost associated with manual processing such as customer refreshes. Our automation allows financial institutions to meet increasingly stringent demands whilst remaining compliant.

Proactive Compliance and Risk Management

Those who hold a responsibility or management position within financial services are increasingly required to proactively prevent compliance breaches. Monitoring corporate entities isn't easy, especially when manual processes fail to identify risk status changes. Kyckr helps you stay proactively informed of events as they occur, ensuring important changes won't go undetected.

Boost Data Quality and Accuracy

With Kyckr, you'll never compromise on the quality of your customer data. Our unique approach ensures that data currency, accuracy and compliance always underpin your decision-making and risk management.

Solutions for Rapid Digitisation.

We believe in collaboration through digitisation, with integration options across your electronic identification schemes (eDIV) and cross-border validation schemes.

We also believe in agility - our solutions for KYC or CRM can typically take 4-6 weeks to implement, achieved in less time the most vendors deliver a POC.

Award Winning Solutions

Discover our automated solutions that help your business with compliance and risk management.

Kyckr for Business
Kyckr Perpetual KYC
Kyckr API
Kyckr Company Watch

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