4th & 5th AMLD

Compliance in 4th & 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive

The EU 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (4AMLD) and 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) strengthens EU rules in relation to laundering the proceeds of crime and to the introduction of criminal proceeds. Key changes include the provision of natural Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) registers, "adequate, current and accurate” information. Kyckr specifically helps the organisations when it comes to information on ownership and control.

How we help

See how our solutions help your business through 4th & 5th AMLD compliance:

  • Access authoritative & up-to-date corporate information globally
  • Legally reliable from trusted official sources
  • Data enforceable under company law in most countries
  • Accelerate, refresh, onboard & monitor your customers
  • Access the Ultimate Beneficial Owner register data
  • Access to centralised Register of Trusts (when available)
  • Align your processes with legally compliant, global information

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