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Turn KYC & AML compliance monitoring into your strength.

Kyckr Company Watch is our smart online monitoring service that notifies you of changes to company information. As a business, be at the forefront of changes to company information and use automation for your compliance monitoring process.

Be notified when changes are identified such as changes in Status, Name, Address, or when filings are submitted covering changes to Directors, Shareholders or Capital Structure. Learn how you can make financial risk monitoring your strength through maintaining the most up-to-date, accurate information in your company book.

Identify Risks in Real-Time

Company Watch delivers event-based KYC on a risk-based approach, meaning you can identify changes in businesses that impact your customer risk profile now, rather than relying on time consuming review processes later.

Configure and Manage your Risks

How do you know if there is a change to your supplier risk?

Manage your risk processes by capturing status changes (e.g. suspended/deregistered) and more.

Monthly Alerts

Search for a company to watch and choose to receive monthly notifications delivered straight to you.

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