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Global company information, one powerful platform. Search and find over 170+ million legal entities online.

Kyckr for Business gives your team access the most current and primary source of company information. Our enhanced search software provides a single search platform that streamlines and simplifies your compliance processes. Powerful admin dashboard functionality allows your team to search, download, control and report on your preferences – all online.

Streamline the way you find information.

Take the complexity out of finding the information you need and eliminate the requirement for multiple systems and languages.

Find company information quicker, easier and take the ambiguity out of finding accurate, legally reliable company information for your compliance needs.

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Global Information, One Platform

Provide real-time access to company registries, information and filings for over 200 official registries globally, including jurisdictions such as China, BVI, Caymans, Jersey, Delaware, Russia and Dubai. Search and retrieve all in one place – eliminate the requirement for multiple systems, software and access.

Instant Primary Source Information

Primary source information is legally reliable, providing lawful validation of companies, directors, shareholders and UBO’s. Primary source also means it’s acceptable as customer validation under the 4th EU Directive.

No Database Required

Our unique approach means we don't store data, we connect you to the information you need at every search. No database means we're also GDPR compliant.

Create Teams & Control Usage

Anticipate your operational costs by placing spend limits on users defined by you. Set up users and create teams to ensure you always have visibility of your team.

Monthly Billing, No Credit Cards

Flexible post-paid billing helps take the hassle out of bulk purchases. Choose to be invoiced monthly with separate billing/invoicing for teams - created by you.

Insights through Admin Dashboard

Use the Admin Dashboard to view/manage your team purchases and gain actionable insights that you can export and share with your team.

Our Expertise

  • Financial Services (Banks, advisors, planners)
  • Stockbrokers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Supply Chain
  • Any sector with compliance or AML obligations

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